BirdBoggle Deluxe Set: Solar-powered scarecrow with railing- & quick clamp

BirdBoggle, the solar-powered scarecrow in the deluxe version with railing and quick clamp
€ 149,00

Basic Set Railing Set Magnetic Set Quick Set Deluxe Set

  • Effective: Keeps seagulls and other birds safely away from your boat
  • Silent: Noiseless scarecrow that doesn't bother you when in use
  • Easy: BirdBoggle can be assembled or disassembled in seconds and your boat is guaranteed protected from birds. Whether on deck or on the railing - with the deluxe version, both variants are possible
  • Smart: Solar-powered scarecrow with microprocessor-control-system including day/night-operation
  • Weather independent: BirdBoggle works in any weather condition and keeps your boat guaranteed free of seagulls

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Technical specifications


BirdBoggle protects your boat from unwanted visitors. Once mounted on the boat, BirdBoggle rotates once per minute, ensuring a gull-free boat. BirdBoggle's sudden movements startles the seagulls while triggering their flight reflex. As a consequence the birds fly away searching for a quieter place instead of resting at your boat. BirdBoggle doesn't turn continuously but only once a minute and as a result the birds can't get used to it, which permanently drives them away. BirdBoggle does this without any annoying noise and in any weather condition. Thanks to the intelligent microprocessor-control-system the length of the pause between the rotations can be varied depending on the current battery level. The smart operation guarantees that birds are constantly safely driven away, even with peristent bad weather.

The BirdBoggle Deluxe Set offers our most common mounting options in a set: The railing and the quick clamp. The railing clamp allows you to flexibly attach the BirdBoggle to the railing with a tube diameter of 15 to 40 mm. Thanks to the quick clamp with a 200 mm aluminum tube, you can also flexibly attach it at the desired height.

Quality from Austria: The production and development of  BirdBoggle takes place in Austria. Therefore we can guarantee that your order will run smoothly.


Article number


Packing dimensions

25 x 10 x 20 cm

Battery type

LION Akku 3,7V 350mAH


Impact-resistant plastic / aluminum housing


DC geared motor

Weight including packaging    

480 g

Deflector rods

2 x carbon rod 26cm incl. extension cord recording


Ø 22 mm & ¼“ camera thread


4x anticollision LEDs

Package content