1. Can BirdBoggle scare away all birds or just pigeons and seagulls?

Yes, BirdBoggle works on any type of bird. Deliberately used, irregular movements ensure that the birds have an escape reflex and thus help to drive them away successfully and sustainably.

2. What mounting options are there?

BirdBoggle is available with different mounting options:

1. Railing clamp: This particularly flexible variant has an individually adjustable clamp with a diameter of 15 to 40 mm. The head attached to the clamp can be rotated 360 degrees and thus perfectly adapted to your individual circumstances.

2. Quick-Clamp: The Quickclamp has a base plate that is first glued and then secured with an additional screw. With the help of the simple quick-clamp method, the BirdBoggle can be easily and flexibly mounted on the boat deck, on the roof or on the balcony. After installing the base plate, the BirdBoggle is inserted into the fastening system provided and fastened with the nut provided. Also included is a 200mm aluminum tube that allows you to customize the height of your BirdBoggle.

3. Gekko-Stand: The Gekko stand is intended for any type of tabletop. Simply set it up and it's ready to use. It is also possible to attach the base to a wooden or balcony railing, for example, using the screws provided.

4. Magnet-Gekko: The Magnet-Gekko was specially designed for attachment to boat tarpaulins. Here, three magnets are attached to the Gekko base, with which the base can be placed on the fastening buttons provided. The fastening buttons are attached to the tarpaulin. Take a look at our short assembly video: LINK VIDEO.

Additional information: BirdBoggle has a standard ¼" camera thread and can therefore also be attached and used in other conceivable constellations.

3. How long does BirdBoggle work without sunlight?

BirdBoggle has an intelligent microprocessor control that monitors the charging status and adjusts the pause times between the spins. BirdBoggle can survive a week without sunlight.

4. Does BirdBoggle disturb pets like dogs or cats?

No. BirdBoggle was specifically designed to scare away birds. Other pets are not affected by the operation.

5. How loud is BirdBoggle and does it bother me in operational mode?

BirdBoggle is nearly silent. BirdBoggle won't bother you when it's in use. No sound is necessary to deter birds. Rather, BirdBoggle works with targeted, silent movements to drive the birds away in the long term.

6. In what radius does BirdBoggle work?

A BirdBoggle covers an area of about 2-3m radius. In order for the smart bird control system to work, the BirdBoggle must be placed where it is clearly visible to the birds.

7. Why isn't the BirdBoggle rotating all the time?

The BirdBoggle rotates once a minute, effectively deterring the birds. If the rotation were permanent, the birds would get used to it and would no longer be deterred. Targeted, irregular movements can prevent the classic habituation effect in the birds and ensure long-term protection against birds.

8. How does night mode work on BirdBoggle? With a lower frequency of rotations, how can still be ensured that the birds are effectively driven away?

Night-time operation means that the BirdBoggle increases the pause time between turns in complete darkness to a maximum of 15 minutes in order to save energy. As soon as it gets light again, the break times are reduced again and normal operation is started. Since the birds are also more peaceful at night and look for resting places before nightfall, a bird-free boat or a bird-free balcony can also be guaranteed with a reduced frequency.

9. I want to install BirdBoggle on my antenna, will this cause any interference or interference?

No, BirdBoggle does not interfere with antennas or electrical devices.

10. What payment options are there and can I order on account?

We currently offer the following options:

  • PayPal
  • bank transfer
  • credit card payment
  • Instant bank transfer

We do not offer payment on account for first-time customers.

11. Do I receive a confirmation of receipt of payment?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation immediately when we have received your payment.

12. Can the delivery address be changed after ordering?

Yes, you can still change your delivery address after the ordering process. Just send us a short email with your request to: info@boggle.at.

13. How much does delivery cost?

The delivery costs can vary depending on the country and are shown accordingly in the shopping cart after selecting the delivery country.

14. How long does delivery take?

We deliver immediately after receipt of payment. You will also receive an email with tracking information so you know exactly where your package is. Delivery times may vary depending on the country.

15. I want to return my BirdBoggle, how do I do that?

If you would like to return your BirdBoggle, please send a short e-mail to info@boggle.at with your request and send it back securely packaged to the following address: 

T&M Consulting GmbH
Lehmweg 16a
6020 Innsbruck

After checking, you will get your money back immediately.

You have a 30-day right of return.

16. You have further questions?

Of course we are happy to help you!

Write to us at info@boggle.at, we will reply on the same day.