Keeping birds away made easy: with BirdBoggle! With BirdBoggle your boat, balcony or garden stays clean.

Silent, environmentally friendly, day and night and in any weather condition. Simply reliable.

How does it work?

BirdBoggle is a smart bird deterrent. BirdBoggle cyclically spins a small rotor with a sling strap, triggering an natural flight reflex in birds. This sudden and irrgeular movement drives the birds off effectively and consistently.

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It’s no Shit!

BirdBoggle uses a LION battery that is permanently recharged by an integrated solar cell. Controlled by a microprocessor, a motor driven rotor turns every minute preventing seagulls from using your boat deck or your balcony as a resting place.

BirdBoggle is robust, maintenance-free and works even over long periods of time under overcast skies.

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Easy attached.
Success assured.

BirdBoggle is available with different attachment clamps. All clamps are made for quick attachment and detachment. No external power supply or wiring is required.

User-friendliness and a smart design are also important for you? Then you will love him. The new BirdBoggle combines state-of-the-art technology with a simple, elegant design.

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Love Birds.
But no bird droppings!

BirdBoggle appeals to the birds natural flight reflex and is therefore harmless to the animals (no ultrasonic). The birds simply prefer to look for a quieter spot - and your boat or balcony stays hygienic and clean.

BirdBoggle is efficient, solar powered and environmentally friendly. The unique technology of BirdBoggle is harmless to humans and animals and allows hygienic and safe leisurtime for the whole family.

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the solar powered scarecrow in action